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Helping Children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities to Flourish
A Guide for Parents and Professionals

Marilyn Martin, 2007, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Ltd.
ISBN 1-84310-858-0

This book skilfully combines a comprehensive guide to NLD with the inspiring story of how Sara (the author?s daughter) transformed herself from that young girl whose existence seemed darkened by learning difficulties into the capable young woman she is today.

NLD From the Inside Out: Talking to Parents, Teachers, and Teens about Growing up with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities

Michael Brian Murphy and Gail R. Shapiro, 2008,
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Ltd.

ISBN 1-60145-570-4 

Written by and for young adults with NLD - and their parents, teachers, and therapists - NLD From The Inside Out presents useful tips, strategies, and insights into living with this oft-misunderstood learning disability - in the voices of those who experience it.

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities:  The Syndrome and the Model

Byron P. Rourke, 1989, The Guilford Press
ISBN 0-89862-378-2

This is clearly the most quoted book on the subject of NLD. Dr. Rourke explains the premise that NLD is caused by dysfunction of the white matter in the brain, and shares his extensive research and findings. He then defines the disorder, outlining the characteristics, dynamics, and manifestations of NLD. Although technically written, and likely a difficult read for the layperson, it is worth the effort for anyone wanting a full understanding of this syndrome.

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities at Home: A Parent's Guide

Pamela B. Tanguay, 2000,
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Ltd.

ISBN 1-85302-940-8

"The author has provided a book that is essential reading for caregivers of children and adolescents with NLD. It should not only be read but kept on hand for easy reference as the youngster develops. It should be valued as a rich source of helpful suggestions, and as a springboard for the creativity of the concerned caregiver. Pamela Tanguay has done all of us involved with the syndrome of NLD a great favor by providing this book." ? from the Foreword by Byron P. Rourke, FRSC

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities at School: Educating Students With Nld, Asperger Syndrome and Related Conditions

Pamela B. Tanguay, 2002,
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Ltd.
ISBN 1-85302-941-6

In this companion book to her successful Nonverbal Learning Disabilities at Home, Pamela Tanguay addresses issues related to the academic education of the child with NLD and related conditions. Topics such as school placement, program modifications, and social/emotional issues are covered, as well as specific teaching strategies, from how to deal with essay questions, to tips on helping the student master long division, and ideas for improving reading comprehension. The author defines and discusses concepts such as frontloading and a cooperative learning environment, and explains how they benefit the student with NLD and related conditions.

Nonverbal Learning Disorder: Understanding and Coping with NLD and Asperger's - What Parents and TeachersNeed to Know

Rondalyn Varney Whitney, 2008,
Perigee Trade; Reprint edition
ISBN 0-39953-467-9

In this revised edition, Rondalyn Varney Whitney? a pediatric occupational therapist and the parent of a child with NLD?offers practical solutions, the latest information, and all-new activities that will help parents put their child on the path to a happy, fulfilling life.

Raising NLD Superstars: What Families with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities Need to Know about Nurturing Confident, Competent Kids

Marcia Brown Rubinstien, 2005,
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Ltd.
ISBN 1-84310-770-8

The author shares her experiences of life as the parent of a child with NLD with humanity and humor. She looks not only at day to day practicalities such as making meal times easier for all the family and reaching compromises on inappropriate clothing choices but also at the long-term plan for independence. The book will help parents and carers to support children with NLD to reach their emotional and cognitive potential while taking into account the views and experiences of other family members.

The Source for Nonverbal Learning Disorders

Thompson, MA
, CET, 1997, LinguiSystems Inc.
ISBN 0-76060-163-1

The child with this disorder presents a puzzling and challenging profile to teachers, therapists, and parents. This resource translates the research into an understandable manual for the identification and treatment of children and youth with nonverbal learning disorders. An excellent resource for parents and teachers.

A Special Kind of Brain: Living with Nonverbal Learning Disability

Nancy Russell Burger, 2004,
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Ltd.
ISBN 1-84310-762-0

Sharing the experience of bringing up a child with nonverbal learning disability (NLD), this warm and accessible book offers advice on subjects ranging across diagnosis and therapy, children's interaction with each other, suitable activities for a child with NLD and how to discuss NLD with children.

Star Shaped Pegs, Square Holes:
Nonverbal Learning Disorders and the Growing Up Years

Kathy Allen, 1996, Unicycle Press
(To order, call Good Enough Books in Livermore, CA at 925/ 443-4354

This is a charming and warm book written to the middle or high school aged NLD child to help them understand and cope with their disorder. There are great ideas and coping strategies throughout, written in a way that will appeal to the adolescent or young teen.

Syndrome of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities:
Neurodevelopmental Manifestations

Byron P. Rourke, (Ed.), 1995, The
ISBN 0-89862-155-0

A collection of 18 contributions which explore the ramifications of NLD in the neuropsychology of learning disabilities and in pediatric neurological disease, disorder, and dysfunction. Some of the diseases and disorders discussed include callosal agenesis, Asperger syndrome, velocardiofacial syndrome, Sotos syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, and traumatic brain injury.